The Yips

by Left and Right

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Released on Vinyl by Warhen Records.

Vinyl available at


released September 16, 2016

Written and performed by Left & Right.

Phil Dameron (Guitar, Vocals), Daniel Merchant (Guitar, Vocals), Andrew Abbott (Bass, Backing Vocals), Zak Krone (Drums, Piano, Backing Vocals)

Backing vocals on “Nite Owl” and “Anne’s Revenge” by Kiana Saroce.

Recorded and mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab Studios, Easthampton, MA.

Mastered by Carl Saff.

©2016 Bad Psychic, Bully Pulpit, Dang Krangle Music, No Layups Music Publishing (SESAC)

Special Thanks to Kiana Saroce, Rob Flaglor, Shakusky, Dan Goldin, Justin Pizzoferrato, Carl Saff, Warren Parker, Jon Prine, and our friends and families.



all rights reserved


Left and Right Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Mouse Drum
Early-riser river supervisor likes his daily run of the mill.
Good wife, bad kids, proud of work he did, it’s 9 to 5 and time to chill.
He could never be a football player, published author, actor, t.v. lawyer, president, rich prince, princess, or king.

Copy-kittens grow up learn and listen, you’ll become copy-cats.
Repeat history, choose your weapons wisely, hope that everybody claps.
Margaret Thatcher bought a stratacaster, played it, made it, rose to greatness. The economy collapsed, at least they clapped.

When it’s my time put me in the water. Watch me grinning as I’m spinning in a maelstrom. This is useless.
Track Name: The Cloud
The cloud was massive that brought it down,
Having stood on such solid ground and for so long.
The cloud brought everything from underneath,
finding air waist deep in the big muddy,
a man more prepared offered me a ladder.
He said “The world’s caught the yips. Greener pastures.
Take it in. Enjoy the win. From now on we’re free and clear.
Track Name: Trail Song
Since I started moving forward it’s been its own reward.
I’ve got five familiar reds in front of me to ignore.
I drink to drink. To drink until I’m full is not enough.
I’ll sink and surface in the mirror handcuffed to a dream.
To drink until I’m full is not enough.
I’ll spit and bathe and bottle up and waste and want some more.
I swear that I’m the only one and Oregon or Bust! and life on the trail.
There has never been a next time.
Track Name: Coin Collector
Sunlight through the glass of the passing train
dreams of lightning.
If I had twenty lives risk would mean nothing,
Take me sailing.
A melancholy man asks me for change,
not for whiskey.
Said he was the greatest coin collector,
never spending.
When he had a home, wouldn’t pay his loans.
We all have to make small sacrifices.
Holy hobbies.
They’re bigger pines (a nice place to visit), better skylines (drive right by).
How much time (a 2 to 5 year sentence) for a crime.
Winnie came at night and rescued me
through my window.
We jumped into a seascape someone painted
far from struggle.
Before we even kissed a storm rolled in,
sent me diving back into my bed sheets,
dreams of lightning.
Track Name: Nite Owl
Good kid act your best, you’ve drawn a crowd.
Shine in the public eye until you forget how.
You ain’t gotta wait no more, daddy’s not awake no more.
You ain’t gota wait no more. What are you waiting for?
I stood straight and tall in the dead of night.
I felt so small in the morning light.

The things that you can do when you’re at home alone and no else is watching. The performance of a lifetime. A frog that sings for you and not a crowd, be proud, a blessing, not a curse. Don’t throw him to the curb. A constant need to share. Introverted inhibitions. Write a story for yourself and wine when no one wants to listen. A frog that sings only for a crowd, he only craves attention. Attention!

I left skid marks on the cement from the turnstyle right up to my step; in total darkness, up the staircase, all in one breath. I want to get so lost in my own head that I notice when I shiver.
Track Name: Grump
In all my dreams a forgotten floor never seemed worth exploring.
I called, “Come with me!”
I saw where we all should be.

I faked it all, like a bad psychic who suddenly lost all of her mind tricks, but still pulled it off and fooled all the skeptics.
I called, “Come with me!”
I saw nothing.
Track Name: Anne's Revenge
It was a joke. I was joking.
How could this be something I did,
When my revenge was earning millions?
Mid-July and it was thrown away.
Junior Barnes, your’re not a victim
Do not make this about you.
What is revenge if not a story?
Mid-July and it was thrown away.
Anne’s revenge was please. Please. Please stop.
Track Name: Sleep Show
When I woke up people stood and cheered.
If they bought tickets I don’t know what they paid just to watch me sleep.
I grew restless, I slept less and less.
They started leaving each not unimpressed.
I stopped completely.
They stopped completely.
Now I’m tired and they won’t be back to answer the question I’m asking by waking up tomorrow.
Track Name: Hotel Vegas
When I was younger I dreamed of a hotel
where I could stay every night and every day,
and my family could stay for weeks on end on me.
I’d accept all their gratitude humbly,
and the gambler would pay me in their sleep.
I’d be richer endlessly.
Now that I’m grown up I live in a house
for which I work, for which I pay every month,
and my family pays for a hotel when they stay.
Though it hasn’t happened yet it will someday,
and the gamblers don’t pay me in my sleep,
I’m not richer endlessly, and it’s you that’s in my dreams, Yeardley.
Track Name: Snarl
I see that smile as a snarl.
The tremble says it so clearly.
You could power a small town
with all that nervous energy.
Just show your teeth.
Can you look into my eyes?
Can you look at me just this one time?
Calm down, we could bury it all at once, just stop pretending
and show your teeth.